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Often you visit a site and must check a box saying that you have read and understood the terms. Fair enough, and this site is no exception.

Then, when you visit the terms you are taken to pages of content which I frankly assume that nobody ever reads as reading it properly would take more time than anybody is willing to spend. (Short of the lawyers who wrote it :-). Here's an example.

The site owners well know that hardly anybody reads and understands the stuff in full but it holds them legally safe.

In other words: to have their service used they rely on getting an incorrect answer from their users who says checks the "Yes" box when they really mean "No".

Not a policy we want to follow. Rather than being 100% legally watertight we'll rather be honest with our users.

  1. We do our best to provide correct information. However, we are not above mistakes and rely on sources which likewise could be wrong. Consequentially, we take absolutely no responsibility for correctness of information on this site or on other sites linked or mentioned.

  2. The material provided is for your personal use only. Anybody redistributing it or re-using it in any other context is in violation of ours or others copyright. We have no problem with smaller excerpts with full referral to Thaistockwatch.com.

  3. We do not tolerate misuse/abuse of the site, material and resources. If we find that this happens case we reserve the right to terminate involved accounts without refund, block IP-addresses and take legal action in any country appropriate. You agree that decisions to take any such action is exclusively on our discretion.

  4. We have a strict privacy policy. However, we can't offer any guarantee regarding loss of privacy due to cracking or mishaps.

  5. The service is provided as-is. While we have every interest and intention to make it stable, effective and complete, we can give no guarantees for any funtions, any precision, any particular reporting or alerting. You may receive alerts that you are not interested in and we can not guarantee that you will get everything that you should have had.

  6. We reserve the right to make any change we find necessary. Only exceptions is regarding the privacy of your personal data which will always remain unchanged.

- - -

         If you do not accept all of above you may not use this site.