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ThaiStockWatch.com is...
  • Your News. You can fine-tune the news stream to your needs, down to specific companies and sectors. This greatly reduces the chance of missing out on anything important for you.
  • Comprehensive. We acquire data from every Thai stocks relevant source we can find. In effect this gives you overview over hundreds of different news sources.
  • Inexpensive. Many sites with financial info force you to trust them with hundreds of dollars in advance to reach the core of their service. Here you are welcome to subscribe for one month only. In addition we offer nice discounts for prepayments.
  • Accessible. We make full use of modern methods, allowing you to access your information in a number of different ways.
  • When news is published...
    ...about companies or sectors of your interest will you be among the first to know?

    Yes, as a ThaiStockWatch Premium Member you will. Not by giving you more to read. No, by letting you specify what you are interested in and send you that - only!

    Every minute around the clock our system and staff reads Thai stock relevant sources, both in printed form, on-line, TV and radio. You select what you want to receive news about and we provide it instantly to you when found.

    We work closely with local investment professionals and news sources to provide the best service possible.

    Please visit our FAQ for more details. Note that any use of services require that you agree to our Terms of Use.

    Some pages (marked with ) can be accessed without registration, others (marked with ) require (free) registration. Some services are only available for members having upgraded their account against payment.

    Just by doing our free registration you will get our brief newsletter about the latest general development on relevant issue for Thai stocks investors. And you can click through on our front page, the hottest center of latest news for Thai stocks.

      As a ThaiStockWatch.com premium member you are better informed, and fast - and without having to scan endless amounts of news.

    News Link Archive. Scan latest published news about any company by entering the symbol in the front page box.
    And get instant overview of all recently published news every day, alfabetically, latest ten, by sector and more.

    Thaistockwatch.com's NewsAlert system "reads" hundreds or thousands of articles every day and compares their full content with company or sector specifications made by you!
    When a match is found you get an instant notification. At your own choice in different ways:
    My Stock News is your own private page. You can choose that all news matching your selections is here. The system keeps track of what is new since last time you visited so a single glance at the page will tell you about the                        latest events.

    Instant email is sent to you as soon as news matching your selections are found. If several news items are found at the same time they are packed into one mail. The mail contains links to the news source for each item.

    SMS. Those who really needs to be first on the ball can subscribe to SMS service. The headline, news agency and link are sent to you. Next action is then just to check the news agency (or "My Stock News") to read the full story.
    Please note that you have to buy SMS packages to receive SMS. However, you are given 10 free SMS at sign-up so you can test the service.

    Frequent questions:

  • How do you select what sources to use? How many are you using?
    We try to comprise everything relevant for Thai stocks. We are, with varying intensity, getting news from hundreds of sources.

  • How long time between the publishing of news till I get notified?
    This varyes greatly. For some sources it will from seconds to at a few minutes. For other sources it can take considerably longer.

  • If I select Instant news or SMS will I get my mailbox/mobile flooded?
    This happens very rarely. Everything depends on what companies/sectors you are interested in. Some companies generate news every day, others almost never.
    And in any case you can with instant effect stop feeds about any company or sector by logging in and disabling it.

  • You provide links. Couldn't you just mail me the text?
    Technically, yes, but we have to respect copyrights.

  • You provide links. Couldn't you just mail me the text?
    Technically, yes, but we have to respect copyrights.

    Buy a premium membership.
  • Knowledgable people share their insight here. If you have a question this is the place to try. You do not have to reveal name or email-address to post and the board is well protected against misuse.

    Thai brokers have a generally high standard in research and most of their research is available on-line. Visit Thaistockwatch.com for links to the latest recommendations.
    If you didn't already read and agree to our Terms of Use please do so. They are easily readable, even if you are not a lawyer!
    Then you should scan through our FAQ.

    For a Premium Membership please visit our "Premium Membership Sign-Up" page.