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About this site

  • What is ThaiStockWatch.com all about?
    We strive to be the best independent english-languange news referral source on companies listed on the Thai stock exchange. Also to provide information in general that would be important to investors and traders.

  • How can you do that?
    Apart from long insight on-location for into Thai stock news we have a system - the INPUT (Intelligent News Processing and User Targetting - to support us. It compares the input from a high number of available on-line sources with specifications made by you. If something seems to be relevant for you we instantly notify you.
    Also, news are made available to you in a way that makes it easier to stay informed. An example is our front page where news of the day is ordered by companies/sectors mentioned in the news.


  • Browser & settings
    We take special efforts in being compatible with all major browsers. The site is tested with Internet Explorer, Netscape, Opera and Mozilla versions up to two years old. You should have cookies and javascript enabled to have everything working. This is default settings in all browsers.

  • Mobile Device (Phone/PDA)
    To use the WAP version of ThaiStockWatch.com your device needs to support X-HTML. For SMS: all mobile phones with this facility should be OK.

    Special Facilities

  • What is AC FastLink
    It is a way to speed up access to information, e.g. articles. On the front page you will find a link, "AC Fast Link" (AC="Article Code"). This is in the main intended to be used by mobile phone users receiving an SMS alert about an article mathing their specifications. This is how it works: Let's say you get the following alert on your mobile:
    * Business Day *
    SCIB: Governtment decides to lift oil cap
    Now you'd like to read the article itself. You find an internet cafe, visit ThaiStockWatch.com, click on "AC Fast Link" and enter the article code, xyzpq, in the box. This will take you right to the article.
    Or you can simply enter the entire URL as given, thst.com/ac/xyzpq. This will also take you directly to the article.

  • But couldn't you just as well bring the URL in the SMS?
    Hardly! Some URLs are very long, hard to read and type and eat too much of the limited SMS space. E.g.
    Compare that to typing

    About how it works

  • How do you detect if a company is referred to in a source?
    Naturally the company name is a strong factor but this is far from enough, as the full company name is not always given. Occurence of a company symbol in the article is of course also relevant, but much more is needed than just to scan for symbols. E.g. the symbol TRUBB would very surely mean that the article contained a referral to Thai Rubber Latex Corporation (Thailand) PLC, but how about THAI, PR and IT? These are common abbreviations, but they are also stock symbols. The Recognization Module of the INPUT system ("RMI") is quite intelligent and allows for weighting probabilities with occurrences of different symbols. This gives a very high score of correctness, better than 95%, but false negatives and false positives still exist.

  • What are "false negatives" and "false positives"?
    If an article is detected to contain reference to a company but really does not, we talk about a false positive. A source with the headline "Thai Air Safer Than Ever" could be detected as containing a reference to Thai Airways PLC. However, the article might really be about reduced pollution in Thailand.
    A false negative is the other way around: when an article actually does contain a reference to a company but it is not detected. Incompletely written company names will always increase risk of false negatives, although the RMI also does a good job here.

  • What if the article is in the grey zone area between positive and negative?
    In that case we will rather notify the user too many times than too few. Let's say there was really 9 articles with a reference to TRUBB. Most users would rather receive 10 references with one not truly relevant than receive 8 relevant and missing one.

    Our data

  • How many sources do you acquire data from?
    Everything that might be relevant for Thai stocks. With varying intensity and degree of monitoring this means hundreds of news sources.

  • Are you reprocessing data from a 3rd-party news-compiling system?
    Absolutely not. All data is delivered by the INPUT-system which is written in its entirety by U5com and running exclusively on our servers.
    That being said we would have no problems with using news compilation from other sources and we keep looking for options here. Our sole aim is to provide users with the best possible service, regardless of where tools would come from.

  • I'd like to use your system on my own website. Is this possible?
    Please contact us and let us discuss options.

  • Is the INPUT system fully automated?
    Yes and no. It can run without monitoring but it is made so humans can assist in the evaluation of data. This combination gives the best results.

  • Is INPUT for sale?
    The system is not prepared to be sold as a stand-alone software package. Investors and people interested are welcome to acquire.

  • It it legal to acquire data from the web?
    If not I'd recommend a class-action against Google, Yahoo, AltaVista, Lycos etc. They have more money than us. :-) Seriously, current legal standing is that linking to other sources with a small bit of context is generally accepted. It is similar to printed catalogues.

  • Your servers are fast. I'd like to read the news directly from your server. Is there any chance that you could cache the information, like Google does?
    Technically we could easily do it, but we ourselves feel that it is on the edge of acceptable behavior. Those spending resources on writing an article should have people reading it on the website in the intended context. When we link to the source we are doing it a favor and can expect to be met with cooperation.

  • What if any news source should not be interested to be included?
    Hard to see any good reason but if so, we would of course respect that. All that would be needed is that a person with an email-address mentioned as contact on the page in question writes to us. We will check that the sender is correct by answering the mail and if reply is then recieved we will exclude the publisher.

    Thai stocks

  • I am an ordinary person with an ordinary income and new to stocks. I guess that I am not the typical investor in Thai stocks?
    No, not typical, but times are rapidly changing. In recent years Asia on average has been a much more profitable investment than the west. Many of us who live here believe that we are seeing a long-term correction in prices between the west and Asia.

  • Can anyone invest in Thai stocks?
    Yes, anyone of legal age who can verify that their funds are not a result of illegal activities in Thailand. For foreigners the simplest way to do this is to transfer funds directly into their brokers account. Do not make the mistake of transferring or bringing in the money any other way, they will usually not be accepted for any investment. Always discuss matters with your broker first.

  • Would you in any way regard such a transfer as, ehm, "safe"?
    For the list of SEC-approved brokers the answer is a very clear "Yes", it will be a safe partner to deal with in that respect. Be careful very with other institutions.

  • Do I need to come to Bangkok?
    No, you do not. You can open an account from anywhere.

  • Do I have to pay tax of my gains? Can I subtract losses?
    The golden rule for tax is that tax is always applicable in the country where the person made the money. This appears to be rather undefined in this case. For dividends a 10% tax is withheld when paid.

  • How are money returned to me? Could there be any problems here?
    Parts or all of your account standing will be transferred to you at your request, minus various expenses (all within reason). Different brokers have different rules. We have never heard about problems here.

  • Will you help me setting up an account?
    When you have chosen your broker we will be happy to stand by.

  • Thai stocks has just boomed, then suffered a setback. What is your view on their future? Will we see another Asian crash?
    I remain very positive. A major crash as in 1997 is very unlikely to happen again anytime soon. It was very much a result of irrational western investor-craze, not unlike the dot-com period. Like ignored fundamentals and stocks prices going up despite failing returns. Banks having incredibly high level of non-performing loans. The people with knowledge who blew the whistle was overheard.
    Investors have by and large learnt their lesson. The world will never see the last crash, but currently the Asia economy is as healty as ever.

    Problems with the site

  • I can't log in to the site.
    Well, 99% of the time the user has
    A. - forgotten his username or password
    B. - not enabled cookies in the browser.

    If you have forgotten your password but remember your username you can get it back by clicking on

    Security and Privacy
    Who will know the data I as a subscriber enter into your system?

    Only people associated with Thai StockWatch. The undersigner of this document feel personally responsible for doing everything that can be done. In particular none of your information will ever be passed to anyone outside the company.

    Can I be anonymous when I subscribe?

    Yes you can, we do not acquire your name. However, we do recommend to give full details. If you later need help and assistance from us, well, knowing who we deal with is a Brokers Can you recommend me a stock broker?

    Not directly. Professional subscribers are, however, welcome to ask specific question which we will answer as good as we can. /* Will you recommend...

    Can you recommend one or more companies to invest in?

    No, we can not under any circumstances give specific recommendations on investments. Thai law and security legislation makes in praxis this service unavailable for foreigners.

    The opinions we have are all results of the information we make available to subscribers.

    You mention Paul Reanaud, Thaistocks.com, many times. Honestly - are you affiliated?
    I was partner in Thaistocks.com for 7 years but PR and I decided in mid-2004 that our construction was not practical and we needed to pursue different ideas. So, honestly, no we are not affilated. When I recommend PR's services it is because I better than anybody know about his capacity as Thai stock expert. Various
    I would like to get real-time Thai stock data. */ ?>